"There's a Starman waiting in the sky.

He'd like to come and meet us...

but he thinks he'd blow our minds"

David Bowie

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Iíve been on this planet for more than nine of their centuries and I still donít understand these beings. That time is but a blink of an eye for my kind but still it sometimes feels too long and I want to go home. I cannot intervene, I can only observe and I become increasingly weary watching them seemingly go nowhere.

Things began promisingly. There are many of the right forces here Ė they love, they laugh; they have poetry and art; they can be creative and inventive - but for some reason, they canít see the Field.

They are primitive and have become captured in their physical bodies and weighed down to their insignificant planet. They think that what lies before them is all they have to experience and their narrow range of senses is the only way they can feel and be part of the Universe. They have much to learn but appear caught in a developmental loop from which they seem unlikely to escape.

If it were not forbidden, if I could only show them the smallest fraction of what I have seen elsewhere, they might begin to understand. The Field is all around them waiting to be used but they are either blind or refuse to see.

They grow like a fungus on the planet, unchecked save for their own partial self-destruction in war and disease. They band together in small groups and fight each other and have not yet realised that they are all the same. They kill other life and each other and ignore the strength of oneness.

Half of their world exists in comfort whilst the other half dies of starvation or pestilence. They exhibit unaccountable allegiance to arbitrary geographical boundaries and are selfish and greedy to the point of taking resources from those of their fellow beings who are too weak to prevent themselves being defiled.

Their spirituality and religious beliefs could eventually provide a path to the Field but strangely, those beliefs seem to fragment the species rather than unite it. My predecessor judged that these beings showed promise but they have yet to develop as we had believed they might. I hold out little hope for them without some cataclysmic shift and I admit to myself that I want to risk everything by intervening but of course, I cannot. I am abandoned here and cannot go home until they cease to exist or become one with the Field. I used to care for these beings but now I just want to return home even if it means their extinction.