Warning - Alien invasion imminent
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Alien Invasion

I REALLY hope there are aliens out there planning an invasion. I sometimes think it's our only hope. I'd actually consider it to be quite a result if we Humans were (benignly) subjugated by a master race of highly advanced extra-terrestrials. To be honest, life couldn't be much worse for the average bloke than it has been under recent Governments!

The Human Species is, without doubt, extremely fucked-up. We're still very primitive and don't seem to be progressing. The people on this planet simply haven't evolved far enough yet to see that life is more important than money or power and contentment and spirituality are more important than possessions. We have half the planet living in relative comfort and affluence and the other half living in abject poverty and dying of starvation. We land-grab and kill each other for oil or other resources. We build armies to intimidate our perceived 'enemies'. The 'civilised' West murders hundreds of thousands to bring about 'regime change' and to impose our ideologies on other nations without even considering that the democracy that we are so nobly introducing to the primitive, unenlightened third-world doesn't even work in the West. We hate and kill each other over religious differences (how totally fucked-up is that? - "my god's better than your god"). We are, in the grand scheme of things, little more than savages, split into tribes, selfishly fighting and fucking our way through our pathetic little lives.

I am surmising that any race of beings capable of traversing vast inter-stellar distances might have evolved into a more 'enlightened' state than we Humans and their arrival might make us realise just how insignificant a species we actually are when viewed against the backdrop of an infinite Universe**. They will, just as parents with children, kindly and patiently show us the error of our ways and eventually lift us to a higher level of intellect and consciousness. Oh, and if we don't sort ourselves out and stop needlessly killing each other, they'll hopefully obliterate the fucking lot of us and move onto a more promising species in the next solar system!

What really worries me is the possibility that they've already had a look at us and haven't landed yet as they think we're beyond redemption. It wouldn't surprise me.

Jan 2011


** footnote

To all the quantum physicists out there.... yes I know that the concept of the Universe being infinite is a bit old hat now and that the big bang theory of an expanding (and, ultimately, contracting) Universe is top of the popularity pile at the moment. I quite like the idea of the Multiverse where our Universe is the result of merely one of an infinite number of simultaneously expanding big bangs. Thing is... they call you guys theoretical physicists for a reason - it's all just a theory! You don't fucking know do you? Come back when you've got some proof.

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