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"Hate is a strong word but, like anger,

it can be turned into something positive.

If you hate something, hate it with a passion

and find the strength to change it".


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In no particular order.....

Football - (mainly the Premiership)

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Broken promises


The concept of 'Celebrity'

I actually don't get it. I was in a bar in Manchester a while ago and there were some actors from one of the TV Soaps in there (Coronation Street, I thiink, but I'm not sure because I try not to watch any of that shit). They were treated like VIPs and everyone wanted to get a look at the 'stars' of the small screen and get an autograph. Give me a break. They're just doing their jobs like the rest of us. Why is it that someone who's on TV all of a sudden acquires 'celebrity' status? I'm not saying that some actors aren't talented but there are a lot of other people in different walks of life who are as talented or more so and often do much more vital work (health, education, policing, medical research etc) but we don't acknowledge them as we should. Oh, no... we acknowledge and celebretise the talentless, self-promoting, Reality TV, ex-druggie, trans-gender, urban poet or the brainless tart who inevitably (usually after about 2 minutes) gets her tits out on Big Brother, shags one of the other wannabe housemates and then sells her story to OK Magazine.

I heard recently that Simon Cowell was in line for a Knighthood for his services to entertainment! That just about says everything which needs to be said about how screwed up we've now become by the notion of celebrity. Of course, I don't know Simon Cowell and he might be a really nice chap. On the other hand, he could (as is claimed by some) be an arrogant, egotistical, power-hungry, money worshipping little twat who stole the original idea for X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent and uses those shows to 'entertain' us by parading celebrity-seeking, delusional, saddo, mental cases who think they can sing when they can't and uses the public as a filter to harvest the odd individual who does show some promise, who he then exploits for his own gain. A Knight used to be someone who championed the principles of truth, integrity, humility, self-sacrifice, honour and service. If Simon Cowell's a Knight, I'm a goddamn Chinaman!!! (2011)

Xenon headlights

How bright do they need to be? I'm not fucking blind but I'm rendered temporarily sun-blind when some cunt in a new Audi gets in my rearview mirror.(2010)

People who wear 'Hi-viz' flourescent jackets for no apparent reason

I'm sick to death of Health & Safety running my life and this is just one small aspect of the ridiculous way it's changing everything.....If I'm dumb enough to walk into a spinning propeller then I'm no loss to the gene pool and wearing a high viz jacket won't help. EVERYONE seems to want to wear one of these things these days - I once counted the number of people wearing high-viz on our local High Street one Saturday morning and there were 38. 38!! - street cleaners, traffic wardens, people walking their dogs, some bloke collecting all the shopping trolleys, cripples in electric shopping carts, telephone engineers, window cleaners, people with clipboards doing consumer resaearch etc, etc. When the sun reflected off all these bastards, I was nearly blinded! What's wrong with these people? Some of them seem to think that the wearing of one of these jackets makes them invulnerable and bulletproof. Others (even worse) seem to think that it makes them look important or official. I'd ban the lot. On the other hand, I wish I'd been the one to invent them..... I'd be a fucking billionaire! (2011)

Men wearing shorts

Men should be banned from wearing shorts anywhere but the field of play, the beach or the swimming pool. I cannot fathom why, when the clocks go forward, so many men don shorts and insist on exhibiting their white, hairy, knobbly knees or their fat, varicose-vein threaded calves. Men's legs are UGLY and should be covered up at all times. The combo of shorts and sandals is even worse - most men's feet are as much of a disgrace as their horrible legs. Incredibly, the trend towards wearing shorts appears to be on the increase - we've even got postmen wearing shorts now as part of their uniform. Am I the only sane person left in this World? If this continues, I'm going to have to poke my eyes out! (2012)

People who don't answer texts or e-mail

How come this happens to me so often? Maybe it's my fault? Perhaps I'm saying too much, using proper grammar and being too honest in my messages. Mobile and internet technology is an 'always on' medium. Someone who doesn't look at their e-mails for a fortnight needs to get with it. What they really mean is they can't be bothered replying. Similarly texts (or should I say txts?). If I get a text, I look at it within about 10 seconds. If my reply is delayed, it's only because I'm thinking carefully about how to reply. Not replying is simply rude. Even "Fuck off, I don't want to talk to you" would be more considerate than leaving the poor bastard (me) who's sent the text wondering if (a) it got through (b) it wasn't received in the the tone it was intended and has pissed off the recipient (c) the recipient has changed numbers/lost their phone/has been abducted by aliens (d) doesn't want to communicate and wishes they'd never met me. Rather than the turmoil of turning over (a) to (d) in my head, I'd honestly sooner have a "Fuck off".

I always thought I was a bit of a loner and could take or leave other people but it turns out I'm a group animal like the rest of the World. When I reach out, I expect to solicit a response of some sort.

I now await a plethora of "Fuck off"s by e-mail and text (2013)



The World's full of 'em. I try never to be one (and I almost succeed, most of the time, but sadly, not all the time)


Big-headed, arrogant people

Why are there so many people around who profess to be better than they are? I much prefer people who are self-deprecating and then surprise everyone with what they can do rather than boast about ability and then fall short when the pressure's on. I've been quite lucky really as I'm not bad - even better than average (although there's nothing wrong with being average) - at most things. However, most of that is genetic rather than anything I should be self-congratulatory about. The things I'm really proud of are the ones where I've less than average ability but I persevere (stubborn is my middle name!) but I hope that I enthuse about these things rather than boast about them.

Sometimes, we could all do to eat a slice of humble pie. Take a visit to Christie's Cancer hospital or a local Hospice and have a look around. You very quickly realise that most of our achievements are worth shit in the bigger picture.(2011)


Mini roundabouts


Wealthy people who think that money makes them better than the rest of us

I've actually no problem with people with money.It's not resentment. I've got a bit myself and I know a lot of wealthy people but, almost without exception, the ones who have worked for it are actually quite humbled and unaffected by their wealth. They know only too well that it could have gone either way and that success and the financial rewards are 70% down to luck and only 30% down to effort.To prove the point, I also know a lot of people who work in a 100% committed way and still haven't got a pot to piss in.

The bastards I really hate are the ones who want special treatment and think they're a cut above the rest of us because they've inherited Daddy's money. The 'born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-their-mouths', double-barrelled named, inbred fuckwits. The aristocracy, the royals, the celebrities, the footballers and WAG types are all a waste of fucking space. We should round them all up and pack 'em off to a different planet. See how they cope when they need someone to unblock their toilet!


People in positions of influence who think that power makes them better than the rest of us


Positive discrimination


Banks which charge for NOT paying something


Credit card interest rates

29.9% APR when bank base rate is 0.5% is extortion which is tantamount to back-street money lending. The credit card companies are ALL utter bastards! (2009)

Knee-jerk, populist, ill-concieved, media-led legislation


The Editorial style of the Daily Mail


Parking restrictions which are obviously not imposed for safety reasons but which are designed to funnel us to extortionately priced multi-storey carparks to generate revenue on top of our local taxes


Traffic Wardens

and traffic cops. Is that really the job they wanted to do when they grew up?

Bastards who shoot down the outside of a queue of standing traffic and push in further up the line (usually BMW drivers)


The inexorable passage of time

The years are passing just too damn quickly. I'm 25 in my head but the body's somewhat more mature and the gym sessions are beginning to prove the Law of Diminishing Returns! There's never a vampire around when you need one to give you a quick nibble and immortality.(2008)

Being kept waiting when I've made an appointment


Sportsmen being hailed as 'heroes'

They're not heroes, they're just playing games. A hero is someone who goes into a burning building to rescue someone or who dives into the ocean to save someone who's drowning without any thought for their own safety .... not some overpriced fuckwit who can curve a ball or hit a boundary. On the World stage, the Brits are actually not very good at anything sporting so when someone looks a bit better than average, they're feted and idolised. Millions of sports fans walk around with replica shirts bearing their 'hero's' name on their back (and, inexplicably, the sponsor's advertising on the front) and inevitably the hero in question gets a gong in the Queen's Honours list. It's so ludicrous it drives me mad. There are lots of true unsung heroes in life.We should start concentrating on the meaningful rather than the superficial or we might as well elect Wayne Rooney as Prime Minister. (2010)

People who say "Get a quote" rather than "quotation". "Quote" is a verb, not a noun you ignorant bastards. Buy a fucking Dictionary!


More things I hate...

There's lots more that I hate. I've just not had the time to write it all down yet but I will do soon....