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Flying training in Lithuania


LY-MHC is a Lithuanian registered aircraft. Lithuania is now an EU member and all flying training and aircraft maintenence falls under EASA requirements.

Whilst the AN-2 is a Single Engine Piston (SEP) it cannot be flown by PPL holders without obtaining a type rating for the aircraft. The type rating required to fly as either Pilot-in-command or Co-pilot must be undertaken in Lithuania as it is necessary to undergo a course agreed by the Lithuanian CAA which is taught and tested by Lithuanian registered pilot-instructors.

For a typical PPL the training to obtain the type rating used to be prohibitively lengthy and expensive (minimum 250 hours training (!!!!) with a pilot-instructor on the AN-2). This assumed that the aircraft would be used in a commercial capacity (as it is certified for pan-European commercial operations). Fortunately, an alternative course has now been agreed by the Lithuanian CAA for pilots flying privately and the P1 rating can now be obtained after approx 10 - 12 hours instruction.

Flying training in Lithuania is a great experience. Depending upon the time of year, the weather can be CAVOK or extremely hostile. Our initial vodka-fuelled training took place in temperatures as low as minus 26 degrees taking off from ice-covered runways and landing in a foot-deep snow-covered field. There's no such thing as a 'practice' forced landing in Lithuania - the engine is shut down and you land in the nearest field! The training is intensive and thorough and at the end of the course you will really know what the AN-2 can do.

Ryanair now fly daily to Kaunas from Stansted and they also fly twice a week from Liverpool to Kaunas. BA fly into Vilnius so getting to Lithuania is not a problem.

Once in country, hotels are inexpensive, the people are extremely friendly, the night-life is vibrant and the beer is cheap! The only thing you will need after a week in Lithuania is sleep!

Unless training is delayed by high crosswinds (the Ant doesn't like xwinds), it should be possible to complete any training within a week. We can arrange for Hotels, transfers, car-hire, training etc and can provide copies of checklists and pilot's notes to study in advance.

Flying training costs approx 1500 Litas per hour (subject to change) with an exchange rate of approx 5 Lts to the £.

To maintain the type rating you only need to undertake 1 hour per annum with a pilot-instructor and we are trying to arrange for this to be carried out in the UK from 2007 so watch this space.

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