LY-MHC in flight  


"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will long to return."

Leonardo Da Vinci


Shares & Membership


Standard membership of Club Antonov UK costs £450 per annum and this includes either a 1 hour or 2 half-hour 'Champagne & Strawberries' flights around the Lake District/ Morecambe Bay area for the member and a friend. A photography package and Antonov UK merchandise will also be available. Other destinations can be arranged by agreement.

Upgraded 'Red Star' membership of Club Antonov UK costs £650 and in addition to the standard membership offers a DVD of the flight, an extra bottle of Champagne or wine and an exclusive Antonov UK flight jacket or Antonov watch (see Merchandise ).

Non-flying members who just wish to associate themselves with this historic aircraft will get a tour of the aircraft with photo opportunities and a DVD of LY-MHC together with a quarterly newsletter and an AN-2 patch or T-shirt. The cost of this limited membership is £100.


For pilots who already hold a PPL (and preferably an IR or IMC) and have 250 hours flying, 2 shares in this unusual and historic aircraft are available.

Pilots wishing to fly as P1 will have to undergo a course of training in Lithuania but we can arrange everything from flights and hotel accommodation to the actual training at any time of year. Click here for details of flying training in Lithuania.

Shares are £15000 and £100 per month with no charge for dry flying hours and no charges for insurance or ongoing maintenance assuming average usage.

Log an hour

We are quite happy to take pilots who simply want to be able to log an hour on this unique aircraft (right seat) on a 'one-off' basis. A contribution to fuel and oil costs would be expected and it won't be cheap! - the Antonov AN-2 is a thirsty beast!! (up to 300 litres an hour fuel burn!)





"They say it's better than sex. It's so much better. It's amazing!"

— Angelina Jolie, pilot and actress, describes flying. Reported in 'In Touch Weekly,' 4 July 2005

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